These are trying times and we'll pass information along to you as we receive it. Please be aware that things change rapidly and may out-date this information. 

For our Pawn Customers: 

Most Pawnshops in Kansas are operating business as usual. Douglas County has issued a masking requirement so pawnshops in Lawrence and surrounding areas may require masks. 

Kansas Pawnbrokers

Douglas County has issues a mask requirement for customers and employees if 6' distancing cannot be maintained.  

  • Practice social distancing - Maintain a 6' distance between customers and employees, and employees and employees. 
  • Wash hands frequently. 
  • Wipe down merchandise from the public before handling. 
  • Have hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, for employees to maintain service counters, etc.

Pawn customers need access to credit from pawn shops. 

Congress has declared pawnbrokers as "Financial Institutions" in two major pieces of legislation both in the US Patriot Act, and the Graham-Leach-Bliley Modernization Act of 1999.

As a "financial institution" pawnbrokers are considered "essential businesses" as any other financial institution. Obviously depending on the type of shutdown mandated, we would fall under the same restrictions as other financial institutions. You may be required to limit your activities to those of a financial nature and not retail however.

Absent a declaration, the terms and conditions of a pawn loan would remain intact. Reduced rates, forgiveness, extensions would be at your discretion keeping in mind that any modifications or lack thereof cannot be discriminatory in nature. 

The aforementioned is informational only and not considered to be legal advise and you should rely on your own counsel for direction. 


January 2022 Covid-19 Virus Update

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June 2, 2020

The ATF has contacted most Firearms Licensees and has reinforced the need to secure all firearms both during the day, and particularly after business hours. 

Longarms should be cabled during the day. Most insurance companies WILL NOT cover losses of firearms if they are not properly secured after hours. REMOVE all firearms to a locked and secure storage area like a safe vault. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FIREARMS OUT ON DISPLAY UN-SECURED! While this seems like common sense, I have visited several pawn shops over the last month and still find non-secured guns left out at night. Be Smart. Be Safe. 

President Robin Tummons